Carry Deck Cranes also referred to as industrial cranes offer a durable and versatile crane in a compact design. Carry Deck cranes are designed for both indoor and outdoor jobsites and feature telescoping booms and a load deck for material transport. APE Crane Sales & Leasing offers a full line of new and used carry deck cranes from Broderson Manufacturing Corp.


  Lifting CapacityYearManufacturerModelPrice1Location
1993 Broderson IC-35-2A 4 Tons 1993 Broderson IC-35-2A POR Riverdale, IL
2017 BRODERSON IC-80-3J CARRY DECK CRANE 9 ton 2017 Broderson IC-80-3J P.O.R. Kansas
2017 BRODERSON IC-200-3J CARRY DECK CRANE 15 ton 2017 Broderson IC-200-3J P.O.R. Kansas
2017 BRODERSON IC-250-3E CARRY DECK CRANE 18 ton 2017 Broderson IC-250-3E P.O.R. Tennessee
2017 BRODERSON IC-400-3A CARRY DECK CRANE 25 ton 2017 Broderson IC-400-3A P.O.R. Kansas
2017 BRODERSON IC-20-K CARRY DECK CRANE 2.5 ton 2017 Broderson IC-20-K P.O.R. Kansas
2017 BRODERSON IC-40-2C CARRY DECK CRANE 4.5 ton 2017 Broderson IC-40-2D P.O.R. Kansas
2017 BRODERSON IC-35-2G CARRY DECK CRANE 4 ton 2017 Broderson IC-35-2G P.O.R. Kansas
2012 Broderson IC-200-3G 15 ton 2012 Broderson IC-200-3G Honolulu, HI