Lattice Boom Crawler Cranes are the true workhorses of the jobsite. With their heavy lift capability, long reach boom and jib combinations and the ability to move around the jobsite under their own power, there’s not much in the way of lifting they can’t handle.


  Lifting CapacityYearManufacturerModelPrice1Location
MANITOWOC 3900W CRAWLER CRANE 140 ton Various Manitowoc 3900W Series II $275,000.00 Alabama
MANITOWOC 4000W CRAWLER CRANE 175 ton Various Manitowoc 4000W $280,000.00 Alabama
2008 Sany SCC3200 – 350 ton Hydraulic Crawler Crane 350 Ton 2008 Sany SCC3200 POR Griffith, IN
MANITOWOC 4100W CRAWLER CRANE 230 ton Various Manitowoc 4100W Series II $430,000.00 Texas