Whether you’re looking for Compact Skid Steer Loaders, Compact Track Loaders or full sized Wheel Loaders, we have the ability to provide you with a work ready, well maintained piece of equipment.  These machines are indispensible for loading or lifting a wide variety of jobsite materials in both construction and industrial applications.


2006 DOOSAN DL250 WHEEL LOADER 2006 Doosan DL250 POR Gary, IN
2007 DOOSAN DL300 WHEEL LOADER 2007 Doosan DL300 P.O.R. Gary, IN
Used 2011 Kawasaki 70TMV-2 2011 KCM 70TMV-2 146,000.00 Gary, IN
2000 Kawasaki 115ZIV-2 Wheel Loader 2000 KCM 115Z IV-2 479,500.00 Gary, IN
2011 Kawasaki 115Z V-2 2011 KCM 115Z V-2 325000.00 Gary, IN
2012 Kawasaki 95Z V-2 2012 KCM 95Z V-2 320,000.00 Gary, IN