Whether you’re looking for Compact Skid Steer Loaders, Compact Track Loaders or full sized Wheel Loaders, we have the ability to provide you with a work ready, well maintained piece of equipment.  These machines are indispensible for loading or lifting a wide variety of jobsite materials in both construction and industrial applications.


2000 Kawasaki 115ZIV-2 Wheel Loader 2000 KCM 115Z IV-2 479,500.00 Gary, IN
2006 DOOSAN DL250 WHEEL LOADER 2006 Doosan DL250 POR Gary, IN
2007 DOOSAN DL300 WHEEL LOADER 2007 Doosan DL300 P.O.R. Gary, IN
Used 2011 Kawasaki 70TMV-2 2011 KCM 70TMV-2 146,000.00 Gary, IN
2011 Kawasaki 115Z V-2 2011 KCM 115Z V-2 325000.00 Gary, IN
2012 Kawasaki 95Z V-2 2012 KCM 95Z V-2 320,000.00 Gary, IN